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Did you have a relative who was interned in China or Hong Kong by the Japanese? 

Contact me with information as to names, location (if known) and I will consult the database

Wanted: China Directories, 1920-1950

A very helpful tool for my research about Westerners in China are the directories which were published for Shanghai, as well as the many other cities in China.  If you have Hong Lists, City Directories, Comacrib Directories, Dollar Directories, or other published lists from the 1920-1950 period, I would be very interested in learning what you have. 

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Internee Contacts


Following are China internees, and family of internees, with whom I have been in contact.  If you want to get in touch, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

Ash Camp

Ann (Anstice) Levick

Irene (Barrie) Turnbull

Anne (Bennett) Denbigh

Fred Brown 

Jean Burns

Doreen (Cook) Gibbons

Beryl (Dewing) Edwards

Beverly (Dewing) Monson

Daphne Garrard

Loretta (Goldman) Graham

John Ide

Margery Constance (Lobb) Mellor

Sheila (Morris) Davies

Audrey ( ) Tanner

Beryl (Watts) Edwards


Bill Bauermeister (friend of Bill Hassall)

Romey (Bell) McIntire

Michael Brisk

Bob de Vries

Genie (Doodha) Knorn

Alice Frederick (relative of Marie F Logan)

Gerald Krygsman

David Nicoll

Yvette (Powell) Courtney

Florence (Reuben) Ovadia

Helen (Reuben) Bekhor

Barry Smart (grandson of Mickey Drake)

David Stannard (family in camp)

Edgar Whitcomb

Great Western Road (Columbia Country Club)

Michael Flanagan (son of Anthony Flanagan)

Joan (Crawley) Munday

Ron Rakusen

Haiphong Road

Bryce Babcock (cousin of Mark King)

Mick Cook (grandson of John Cook)

Hilarie du Berrier

Evangeline Ellingson (wife of Arnold Kiehn)

Fred Ferguson (nephew of Zephra Briggs)

Marigold Hogan (daughter of John Watson)

JoJo Katem (daughter of Nicholas Katem)

Bob King (son of Mark King)

Shirley McIlvenny (daughter of Richard David McIlvenny)

Tom Sheppard (nephew of Ron Sheppard)

Lincoln Avenue

Dick Germain

Duncan Ferguson (grandson of William Hammond)

Clifford Kendall Ward

Malcolm Kendall Ward


Virginia (Artindale) Ward

Beryl Bauld (widow of Leslie Bauld)

David Clarke

Gerard Dik

Leonardo Estrada

Ken Flemons

Leicy (Kerr) Leighton

Allan Ludbrook

Maria Lumsdaine-Allen (niece of Virginia Lumsdaine)

John Mackay

Neill Malloy

David Odell

David Pearson

Desmond Power

Robert Read

Carole Sherman (friend of Audrey Johnson)

Ken Watson (son of Edward and Ethel Watson)

Jean Weight

George Zellensky


Ron Davie 

Elvira England

Reg Hallford

Desmond Power

Eric Sitzenstatter (grandson of Eric Sitzenstatter)

Metha Donnelly Sizemore (granddaughter of Robert Alexander Tayler)

Victoria Morley (daughter of Charles Pickford)

Horace Staley

Howard Walker

Ann Wood (daughter of Albert Edward Johnson)

Stanley Camp

Barbara (Redwood) Anslow

Robert Denig (relative of Anne Clinton)

Andree de Vleeschouwer

Ian Gill (parents in camp)

Richard Harloe (son of Charles Harloe)

Patricia McCarthy (niece of Elsie Fairfax Cholmeley)

Michael Martin (grandson of Arseny Savitsky)

Marjorie Stintzi (grandaughter of Archibald "Mick" Elston)


Ron Bridge

Joyce (Cooke) Bradbury

John de Zutter

Fred Dreggs

Alan Moyler

Desmond Power

Daphne Hougham (daugher of Leland Wade)

Bob McKnight (grandson of PA Bruce)

Donald Menzie (grandson of George and Margaret Wilder)

Leanne Minny (daughter of Cyril Ezekiel Minny)

Leopold Pander

Pamela (Simmons) Masters

Tracy Strong

Christine (Talbot) Sancton

Candida Toscanini

Mary (Taylor) Previte

Anne Whiteside (cousin of Edith Molesworth)

Yangchow A

Genie (Doodha) Knorn

Caroline Mackie (Arthur and Ethel Barrett)

Horace Staley

Yangchow B

Ron Davie

Elvira England

Daphne Garrard

Reg Hallford

David Nicoll

Yangchow C

Jim Cunningham (son of Ethel Widler)

Jessica Denholm (relative of Azachee family in camp)

Leslie Green

Jean Hicks (relative of Mabel King)

Vyvyan Lord (relative of Margaret Young)

Cyril Mack

Iain Morrison (son of Roderick Morrison)

Saul Nissim

Leslie Popple

Colin Taylor

Howard Walker

Ed Waller

Michael Young

Yu Yuen Road

Rosemary (Abbot) Irving

Sally Barnes-Cooke

Jose Chamberlain

Roman Edwards

Lisa Evans (daughter of Cedric Arthur Mason)

Roy Fernandez

Beverly Francis (daughter of Robert Ernest Francis)

Doris (Honniball) da Silva

Dennis Hudson

Fred Jones

Lorna Loveland (daughter of Robert Southerton)

Caroline Mackie (Arthur and Ethel Barrett)

Neil Malloy

Shirley McIlvenny

Mary Rose Moffat

Margaret (Telfer) Blair

Kirsty Tibble (daughter of Michael Williams)

Ken Tuck

Andy Whitmore (family in camp)

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